Baby Mamma

Baby Mama

“Oh Katarina, you are so glamorous and sexy during the time that you have that baby bump that you make it so rock metallic rock hard all the way throughout your movie scene. I hope u will do many more like this during the time that you’re in this state of womanly perfection.”- lonly69

One of the many pro-pregnant comments about Katarina Dubrova.

The sole dissenting voice at SCORELAND was by WomenareAwesome, “I want vixens would not do prego shoots. There is no thing more disgusting than this. Sure, I may be the minority, but please, kindly hold off until their done their 9 months. Thanks.”

Preggo shoots have always been controversial. When Lorna Morgan, Kali West, Shyla Timid and other girls were knocked-up, there were 2 opposing camps, with the pro-pregnant side the almost all.

Whilst Kali at eight months did a Whoppers & Tugs with a lad, she didn’t fuck when she was knocked-up. She did pretty soon after this babe gave birth. Love Shyla Demure, Katarina has gone full-sex. In this “warm-up” in advance of her next XXX scene, Katarina (here at eight months) satisfies, for the moment, her sky-high hunger for orgasms.

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