Meet Juliana Simms

Meet Juliana Simms

The exceedingly chesty Juliana Simms was your holiday greeting goddess, a Xmas surprise that is the utmost of all surprises at SCORELAND. Does anyone remember who the first Xmas surprise gift beauty at SCORELAND was? Desirae was her name.

Juliana is a florist by profession. One of our glamour model scouts saw this charming brunette and couldn’t assist noticing how bigger in size than typical her bouquets were. This lady-killer chatted her up and said her about The SCORE group and their pursue for big-busted models. Instead of just thanking him and going back to what this babe was doing, Juliana was very interested. And now that babe is here.

Juliana told she had a pair of the humongous funbags in her town when that babe turned 15 and as that babe matured, they grew greater. Juliana can not buy bras off the rack so she has to have ’em custom-made for her. She likes to wear push-up bras. And there’s a lot to poke up.

In the evenings after work, Juliana likes to observe television or take a stroll with a girlfriend before winding down and going to sofa. If she’s got plans with a lad, she’ll cook dinner for him, and maybe if this chab is very favourable….

Juliana laughed at this part during her clip interview (Along Comes Juliana).

This smiling Lothario begins her movie scene with a measuring tape, undresses to play with her awe-inspiring naturals and lets you examine each wet inch of her voluptuous body. She is a flower of a angel.

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