Jessica Bunnington: Jessy The Coed

Jessica Bunnington: Jessy The Coed

One of the things Jessy Bunny does in this scene is oil her big tits. Rubbing and fondling her breasts gives her big pleasure. Knowing she is being watched amps up that pleasure.

“I have my little piercings, and they make such a difference,” said Jessy. “Since I got these boobies, I really love to touch them because they’re so big. I can touch them here, here and here.

“It’s like I have four handfuls of boobs because they’re too big for just two of my little hands. I love playing with them and squeezing them. It’s just so great.”

Jessy’s breast worship knows no limits. She wants even bigger tits.

“My nipples are very sensitive. I masturbate quite often and I love to double penetrate myself during this. When I am having sex with a man, the foreplay has to be long with a lot of dirty talk.”

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