Thank God It is Boobsday

Thank God It is Boobsday

Jenna Valentine’s already large mellons look even larger since her previous SCORE shoot in Mexico in 2011 with Hitomi, Leanne Crow, Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. Are they bigger?

“I haven’t gone brassiere shopping coz I crave recent fancy bras and I do not know what my size is,” says Jenna. “I’ve been wearing sports bras coz I’m lazy and they make my knockers look more valuable in fashionable raiment and they don’t have underwires. They’re so comfortable. They’re stretchy and hold my funbags in better and give me more admirable deep cleavage. My juggs are so heavy! I urge to weigh them but I guess u need a vegetable scale ‘cuz u cant put ’em on a regular scale. It doesn’t work.”

Jenna’s been busy in new years as a make-up artist on porn discharges in Los Angeles. That babe wants to work as a make-up artist at the Adult Episode News Rewards show. So anybody at AVN should hire her and not just because we say so.

What about her in a relationship with life? Do breast chaps gravitate towards her?

“I dated a tiny in number males who indeed loved bigger in size than average bazookas, so they were truly happy and wouldn’t avoid touching ’em, and I have dated boys who just did not care. I do not know what’s more annoying, boys who won’t stop touching ’em when I’m trying to check out TV or guys who do not care about them. I need a glad medium. My ex would touch my nipples all the time and I was like, ‘I’m trying to see The Real Housewives and you are touching my fucking nipples right now. It is annoying.’ Don’t touch my nipples during the time that I’m watching Bravo.”

A ladies man should at no time prevent learning.

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