Lux Life

Lux Life

What more excellent day than Valentine's Day for a Jenna Valentine appearance? Jenna visits a swanky nightclub and slides without her evening gown to expose her spectacularly glamorous body. It's a "Lux Life" after all.

Jenna's very humorous with a phat, wry style. She's funnier than the hotties who acquire their own sitcoms. Thats’ why Jenna needs her own Bravo reality TV brandish. This babe out-boobs anyone on that station.

SCORELAND: What makes u giggle the hardest?

Jenna Valentine: My bills.

SCORELAND: How would you spend a million dollars?

Jenna Valentine: I'd take a fantasy vacation to Tokyo and surround myself with all of the Salute Kitties.

SCORELAND: What's the supreme compliment you've ever received?

Jenna Valentine: Telling me I'm smart, cute and funny.

SCORELAND: What's the foremost part of being attractive.

Jenna Valentine: Getting presents.

SCORELAND: What's the best way for a boy to acquire on your worthwhile side?

Jenna Valentine: Turn into a pizza or a kitten or a kitten with a pizza.

SCORELAND: How are you and bras getting along those days now that your tits are so big?

Jenna Valentine: I have been wearing sports bras because I am slothful and they make my fun bags look better in hot raiment and they don’t have underwires. They’re so comfortable. They’re stretchy and hold my love melons in more astounding and give me more valuable deep cleavage.

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