Advanced Sweater Stretching

Advanced Sweater Stretching

Full of feelings, Jenna Valentine is going to try on new sweaters. Now around a 36HH, Jenna’s heavenly and heavy milk cans will be seriously straining the material. Maybe you can advise about which ones look the most mind boggling over Jenna’s magnificant zeppelins. After she’s tried on a few sweaters and thrust her chest at the digital camera, Jenna goes stripped and acquires on our glass table for some unique views. It is been some time since we have used this glass table in a discharge. The final goddess on it was Melissa Manning in November, 2013 for “After School Play.”

Jenna prevented web-camming and is now a adept stylist.

“I got burnt out. I am too a adult model coordinator for I am a makeup artist, primarily for porno, but I’d adore to branch out. I like doing commercial makeup. The boyz are always asking me, ‘When u do your first scene, can it be with me?’ and I’m love, ‘Nope. I’m at not time doing it.’ They say, ‘When you check out people having sex on the set, does it make u lewd?’ It makes me actually overtired. I nap on-set. I don’t even observe girl-on-girl. If I was gonna watch porn, I’d see girl-on-girl, but I don’t view any of the porn we film. Really, between makeup and GodsGirls, my life is like a stupendous muff. I’m seriously living in a labia. There’s cookies everywhere! I get emailed cunts! Then I look up and there’s a cunt on-set. Sometimes a schlong.”

GodsGirls features glamour models from the alt-Goth world. Jenna modeled for them previous to trying SCORE. Maybe one day she’ll detect a beginner athletic adore her and refer her to SCORELAND.

When Jenna was here, she crisscrossed with Liza Biggs in the dressing room. This is like two heads of state having a summit collision. The pics and vids from that close rencounter of the breast kind are called “Boob Sorority.” Check it out if you haven’t watched it. A fellow could be boob-crushed by these two.

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