Head Nurse

Head Nurse

On October 16th, 2000, a naturally busty woman named Ivy from Rochester, New York entered the SCORE Studio. Ivy was a topless dancer at The Barrel of Dolls and the Klassy Kat in Rochester. The one and the other exotic dancing clubs are still in business. She wanted to try photo adult modeling and wrote The SCORE Group.

5’3″ tall and weighing 125 pounds, Ivy’s measurements were 40-26-36. Her undergarment size was 40DD. This babe had a stacked body with perfect curves. Her large boobs were, in a word, magnificent.

This was Ivy’s 1st time stripped modeling. At first, this babe was very nervous and awkward, which is ordinary, even for exotic dancers who perform in front of dozens of strangers each evening. In time, she got the hang of it.

For relaxation, Ivy liked steam bathroom and getting and giving massages. Blue collar bad boys made her moist. “I had a lousy paramour when I was a virgin so the sex was terrible,” Ivy confessed. “But with every lover, the sex got more fantastic. My most weird carnal experience was when I worked at a marina. I had an encounter with a buck in the bathhouse during my 15 minute break.

In her 1st and final hardcore scene discharged a not many years later, Ivy played a nurse who used her giant milk cans on her patient. This babe was likewise shy to make any more XXX scenes. Ivy was admirable with nudity, stripped dancing and masturbation with bigger than average toys but real sex with a lad on-camera was not for her. So all that exists is this rare movie, sadly sufficient. But at least we have this scene.

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