How Ravishing She’s

How Enchanting That babe Is

Natasha Ravishing is poured into a dress that requires a permit to wear. Every big-boobed girl should wear dresses like this. Natasha’s projecting bustline gives recent meaning to the word “rack.”

Here’s a angel who’s worthy with sex on the 1st date. Since Natasha doesn’t speak English, her comments were translated for us. “I will tell u, I love to know what to await from a gent so why waste time in a relationship with if we are not compatible in daybed. So let’s inspect right away. At this time in my life, I appreciate great sex as much as I appreciate a stud always bringing me flowers and other enchanting things. The boys in my shoots were truly good at sex and they were worthwhile the entire time, too.”

This reminds us of model Maria Moore’s in a relationship with philosophy in an interview we did in 2003 although Maria went a step farther and thought that sex should happen in advance of really going out on the date. With Natasha, a Lothario might be likewise weary to out after sex.

Natasha counts her top 3 public sex experiences as: at the clips, in a park and in a car, in that command.

“I adore a fellow to take charge. I don’t adore it when a boy pretends to be a challenge ‘coz I suppose this means he’s not actually attracted to me.”

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