Hitomi’s Guide To Bras

Hitomi's Guide To Bras

Hitomi‘s suitcase is packed with bras and lingerie. She can by no means have enough, especially as a word-famous supermodel with a one-of-a-kind rack. She’s plan to try some of the bras on first, then receive hands-on.

Does Hitomi watch her own scenes? What does that babe think? Does she review ’em?

“Of course. I observe each one of ’em. I always learn from each single scene. How do I look? Do I look sexy? Are my body lines okay? Are my facial expressions hawt and wild? So, yeah. Because I always wanna improve myself.”

What kind of compliments do people send you?

“Some people tell me I’m the solely one they have ever observed with my kind of looks. And some others say, ‘I have never viewed such a sexy body.’ I imagine that people out of Japan would be surprised by me ‘cuz they think an Asian girl’s tits tend to be miniature. I think it’s a very important thing to be particular, to be the merely one. I’m very proud of my body and my looks.”

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