Bodacious Bathing costume Baby

Bodacious Bathing suit Baby

Hitomi is looking killer, as always, as she poses for a SCORE photographer. That bikini (or mono-kini, depending on differing definitions), worn by that spectacular body is something that would create a flash mob on the beach so that babe and the photographer Jose stay by the pool on a private estate high above the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Jose and Hitomi take a break and he unveils some of the secrets of big-bust photography. Ice is one of those secrets. That receives a greater than standard chortle from Hitomi, making a gesture over her natural large bouncy bosoms. Hitomi laughs and giggles a lot. That is one of her fascinating personality traits. Her English is as minimal as our Japanese. That is no obstacle to communication.

A crew member brings over some ice cubes so Hitomi can flaunt how she uses ice on her knockers. The cubes melt quickly in the sun, the meltage running down her outstanding fullsome funbags. Hitomi pulls her swim dress top aside so she can rub the ice over her teats and breast-flesh while Jose snaps her.

When the discharge wraps, Hitomi heads over to a nearby sofa by the pool and plays with her uncommon treasures. Picking up a goblet of oil, Hitomi holds it high and spills the contents all over her attractive body, front and back. She rubs it in good and her skin shines love a varnished statue. A expert sculptor should create a life-like granite statue of Hitomi for a museum. She is a living work of art.

Hitomi proceeds her body expose, exotic dancing off her costume and high heels to step into a section of the pool, sit on the steps and make herself feel admirable. At 19:36 minutes in, a close-up sequence of Hitomi’s floating bra buddies is one of the great moments in greater than standard boob cinema.

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