Her weapons are lethal

Her weapons are lethal

Letha Weapons was one of the superstars of large scoops from 1992 to 1995. That babe was a covergirl many times over and one of the supersized boobies who did hardcore porn.

A sex-kitten, Letha discussed her fucking experiences in a sexy yet matter-of-fact way. Sex is the majority natural thing in the world and that’s how Letha feels about it. Almost any glamour models don’t talk about sex the way she did. “I engulf ramrod and eat snatch,” this babe told during her porn years. “I guess I just like sex, which can make a world of difference. I always said myself that if I ever did porn I’d be the foremost at it. I’ve no idea why some people would go do one episode with their boyfriend and then prevent. I mean, why do they do porn for $500 and then the shit floats around forever? You’ve to do it coz you like banging and I do.”

With that attitude, Letha was a natural at talking obscene coz it is natural to her.

“‘Fuck me…give it to me…it’s so precious I can’t stand it!’ What I say depends on what situation I’m in. Usually, I just tell whoever I am banging that they’re doing a priceless job and I let the words depend on the moment. If they’re not doing a worthwhile job, I just don’t say anything. That is the way it goes.”

Letha downsized her monumental bra-busters but is still very big boobed by mainstream standards. She’s still active in different ways and has lived in San Fransisco for years.

Now and then, boyz send in their memories of the beauties at SCORE Classics. A fan named Sarge wrote this about Letha.

“When I met Letha, it was at Big Top Lounge in Expose World in Times Square before that little weasel Giuliani shut it down. This babe is a very priceless girl. I nearly had a chance with her if not for her envious manager. We took pix together. That babe has heavy bosoms and fascinating lengthy labia.”

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