Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Coming home to a concupiscent homemaker with mountainous pointer sisters and ass-tounding wazoo cheeks is the goal of many a marriage-minded guy pursuing a well-fed, well-rounded wife. Lucy Lenore is someone who fills that bill. Just view the fascinating treats Lucy presents in the kitchen. No lengthy muumuu dresses for her. Damp Lucy’s got legs.

XLGirls: What makes you orgasm the absolute hardest?

Lucy: When a smooth operator can hit my G-spot during the time that rogering me and use a toy in my ass at the same time. Plenty of stimulation and squirting and I am a glad, worn-out little cutie.

XLGirls: Do you tell a boy what u relish the almost any when you’re in ottoman so there’s no delay in your satisfaction?

Lucy: Umm, I do not. I tend to at least watch how things go previous to I unleash my wild side. Sometimes recent is precious!

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