Unyielding SCORE TWO

Hard SCORE 2

In this scene from Hard SCORE TWO, the extraordinarily hot and sexually gifted Chantz Fortune barters her body to acquire her spouse without a jam and offers up her 38 specials and her tight pussy-slit to an aggressive wang. What some wives won’t do for their husbands. We talked to Chantz at the SCORE studio after this episode for some sound bytes.

Chantz Fortune on how chaps treat tits: “Guys don’t know what to do with marangos plenty of times. They’ll jiggle ’em around or touch them. Everybody’s got their own thing but they don’t seem, tons of ’em, comfortable with big fun bags. U can tell the real boob boys, because they know how to touch them. It is different for every beauty. But u know, remember they are attached to me, so do not be likewise aggressive with them. Don’t pull on ’em. Just gently but firmly rub and take up with the tongue and cosset and suck. They’re truly super-sensitive, so mouthing sometimes feels love biting.”

Chantz Fortune on sucking cock: “I love to use my tongue piercing to suck cock. I initially got it for eating moist muff. I didn’t think I needed assistance for sucking penis but I thought it could always come in handy for eating wet crack. But indeed, it’s not close enough to the front of my tongue, so I have thought about getting a second one for beauties, but this is more for guys.”

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