Priceless Nurse Renee

Good Nurse Renee

Anyone mention a nurse fantasy? Not just any nurse fantasy but a sexy, huge-boobed, beautiful nurse fantasy. None other than Model of the year Renee Ross fits that uniform. Renee is the perfect playgirl to be the hawt nurse ‘coz this babe really IS a nurse. “I am a Cardiac Surgical Intense Care Unit nurse,” Renee said us when that babe first entered the Hallowed Halls of Milk sacks. “I am in scrubs and a T-shirt and a lab coat. Or I will wear a V-neck, sometimes. I work about 12-13 hour shifts. And I do that 3 days a week. I work nights, so it’s a lot easier to receive away with wearing something taut fitting. But when I do wear these kinds of shirts my coworkers freak out when they see how greater than typical my mellons are. I mean, they don’t indeed realize how small my waist is until they watch me in something fitted. I don’t actually wear ram like that often but when I do, people notice.” Unfortunately for her patients, they rarely acquire to see Renee, but that could be a wonderful thing for ’em. “We usually do not deal with them when they are conscious and when they are, they are glamorous without it on medication. But the ones that do always tell me that I’m marvelous and that my eyes are good. It’s at not time a direct compliment on my mounds. But u can tell that they can’t live with out ’em and that they are looking.” Maybe it is better that Renee‘s patients do not watch her as this kind of nurse! These code blue alarms would go off non-stop on her shifts. Scrubs for the real world, a body-glove nurse’s costume for Voluptuous and SCORELAND.

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