Cuties Making Beauties

Girls Making Girls

In a fresh SCORELAND Poll about girl-girl scenes, we asked for comments and suggestions about reviving this topic. 2 members responded with ideas. Thanks, men!

Girl/Girl scenes are excellent, especially when they feature a cutie who is very into beauties but isn’t sure about/doesn’t wish to do boy/girl on film. A flawless sample of this were two you referenced, Autumn and Brittany Love, in one as well as the other cases it came across the screen that one as well as the other of those girls love hotty’s and get very turned on by ’em, and they likewise both did a boy/girl scene with a hubby or lad friend (if I am not mistaken). There are a hardly any current adult models I would like to watch do a girl/girl episode, provided they truly are attracted to hotties (and each other), and not simply doing the “gay for pay” thing we have all watched so many times before (a not many times on SCORELAND also, unfortunately!). One of the current glamour models I’d like to see is Jenna Valentine. In her interview that babe talks about how much this babe urges to have sex with some gals, but she is just very bashful and doesn’t know how to go about it in her personal life. That babe would be perfect! Another would be Terri Jane. I recall her mentioning somewhere that her dream is to have a 3some with some other gal, and I receive the feeling that babe would at no time do boy/girl, so it would be a larger than run of the mill turn-on to watch her do a clip with another goddess. By the way, when Linsey and Kelly Kay did their photo-shoot jointly there was a behind-the-scenes movie scene where Linsey says “next is the movie!” implying there was intend to be a episode of that shoot. Did that ever truly happen? Have u boyz been saving it for a rainy day or smth? Fingers crossed.-C.F.

A full-out Linsey-Kelly video scene was at no time shot. The merely movie was the on-the-set video of the two posing for the May ’05 SCORE photo shoot.

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