Fuck-fit Training

Fuck-fit Training

Tigerr Benson has each right to strut her stuff coz, as her name proves her game, this babe is a erotic tigress, not a pussycat. When fitness tutor Dellon takes on Tigerr Benson as his client, this chab finds out what stamina and endurance indeed mean as well as the real meaning of the terms clean & jerk and clean & slit. Tigerr’s bigger-than-big love melons, her accustomed face hole and her constricted fur pie and backdoor are irresistible. He’s the one who receives the real workout.

We caught up with Tigerr, a angel who’s always on the go-go-go.

SCORELAND: Hiya, Tigerr, your scene with Dellon is another roof-raiser, as always. What is something u have attempted but will not at any time do one time more?

Tigerr: I always have a policy about trying things one time but I guess sex in a sauna is a bad idea. I nearly dehydrated myself by the time it finished.

SCORELAND: U watch your episodes. Do you likewise love looking into a mirror during sex?

Tigerr: I like looking in the mirror while having sex, especially if I need to watch it going into my twat then my a-hole and back again. It is so sexy and obscene. Plus it makes it supplementary fun when I need to take up with the tongue the cum off the mirror afterward.

SCORELAND: What superpower would u like to have for one day?

Tigerr: I would like to have super-endurance so I can have endless orgasms. But supreme of all, I’d crave to be a “Super Immense Woman” so I can acquire dunky bucks to climb up my twat and discover my G-spot once and for all. [Laughs]

SCORELAND: U already have super-endurance!

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