From Germany With Milk cans

From Germany With Bra-busters

Sandra Sturm is from Dresden, Germany. Being in SCORE was something this babe thought about for a lengthy time so that babe made contact and sent her naked pix over. She and one of our photographers based in Europe, who is also German, clicked well together. Sandra admitted that babe was nervous the night in advance of her first SCORE discharge although you’d at no time know it. That babe is been a adult model in Europe for three years.

Sandra can’t live out of to ride motorcycles, shop, cook and workout at the Health Exotic dancing club three times a week. We’re sure this babe attracts lots of attention there. We did not ask about it but we can picture Sandra riding her motorcycle topless, her long dark hair wind-whipped as she heads on down the road.

“I always wear a brassiere,” Sandra told, her answers translated by our photographer. “I usually need a fitting for the finest support. I prefer elegant-looking bras.

“The funniest thing a boy ever told to me was at an adult convention. He approached me and asked me to make a pointer sisters print, putting paint on my bazookas and pressing it on a large piece of paper, adore a painting.”

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