Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

Erin Star made an announcement the day previous to this scene was posted.

“Going into labor a bit earlier than contemplated! This is so very exciting and scary at the same time! Wish me luck, keep your fingers crossed and thanks for your ongoing support!”

Best desires to Erin and her bosom buddy Sophie Rose, two hot moms.

A few hours after Erin’s announcement, this babe gave birth to a gal.

The talent behind the digi camera for this second scene is model and photographer Roxanne Miller, a SCORELAND and XL Goddess since May, 2012.

Sophie Rose, who calls herself Pregnant Doll, found out about XL Gals from Erin and Mia Honey. Sophie enjoys doing hot flaunts love this with other beauties but she is “not into the sexual stuff” and prefers cushioned eroticism.

The angels play with maternity bras, disrobe every other, rub their huge baby bumps, ball cream their bigger in size than typical milk cans, bellies and asses and give each other pleasurable raunchy massages. Erin and Sophie rub their soon-to-be mom pussies (but not each other’s slits) lying side-by-side facing Roxanne’s digital camera.

We asked Roxanne for her thoughts.

XLGirls: So Roxanne, how were Erin and Sophie to photograph? Did they need direction or did they improvise?

Roxanne: Erin being a experienced already had some ideas and this babe knew how a SCORE Group pictorial is gonna be. Sophie, on the other hand, had her first photo session but this babe was very into it. They improvised and also listened to my ideas. And what was cute, was that Erin was directing Sophie a lot.

XLGirls: Do u remember at what months the cuties were at the time of the discharge?

Roxanne: I remember Erin was 24 weeks and Sophie 30-32. Smth love that.

XLGirls: What was their favorite thing to do on-camera? Stomach fondelling or breast play?

Roxanne: I think they liked the one and the other. They had so much enjoyment doing it. But since you know there’s that stigma that u must rub your stomach with lots of lotion during the pregnancy, they loved it a lot.

XLGirls: Who was the more assured angel?

Roxanne: One as well as the other of ’em! Erin was into it since she knew about what was plan to happen and Sophie was amorous about the recent experience. They were the one and the other magnificant!

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