eBoobStore Top Popper

eBoobStore Top Popper

Most adult book and episode stores are usually staffed by lads. We don’t know the numbers across North USA but we’d speculate that very scarcely any hotty’s can be discovered working behind the counter. We don’t mean the beauties who work as entertainers in a store where there are live dream booths in the rear. That’s one more situation.

Are most of the boyz who shop in a porn store shy or reluctant when it comes to buying their purchases from a goddess? We don’t think so. Almost any boys who see a worthwhile looking female clerk or female shoppers in a porn store tend to take notice very quickly. U do not see porn stores utilized much as a setting but it’s the ideal place along with lap dance exotic dancing clubs and rubdown parlors. So our question in this pictorial is what if a porno star or equally hawt vixen worked behind the counter? What could possibly happen, especially if that babe locked the door and put a closed sign on the window?

When the girl is fairly fresh porn star and long time SCORE covergirl Harmony Bliss, this is what’s plan to happen. This is our kind of store; merely SCORE Group mags and DVDs sold. Certainly, this porn store has a comfy ottoman to bonk on. Cuz this is a fantasy adult shop and Harmony is a dream store manager who indeed knows how to suit to impress. When she steps out to put a magazine on the shelf, look out! You are intend to be buying something from her!

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