Fantasy Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Ivan, who’s 20 and a greater than run of the mill Rita Daniels fan, receives his dream fulfilled and more in this three-way with Rita, 61, and Lexi McCain, 64. But 1st, Rita and Lexi enjoy the fruits of one of Rita’s fresh shopping trips: a giant, double-ended vibrator. “I must copulate u and you must fuck me at the same time,” Rita says to Lexi. Then Rita says, “We’re gonna educate you a few things today, Ivan.” He is right there as the ladies kiss, then they play with his schlong a little. Then Rita says, “We acquire to expose him the proper way to put in dong.” We’re sure Ivan knows how, but, hey, that dude is Twenty, they’re the one and the other over 60, and it at not time hurts to learn a lesson from 2 dick-loving GILFs. So they have Ivan take a seat during the time that Rita eats Lexi‘s cunt, then they share the sex toy. “Come on, copulate it!” Lexi demands. “You’re such a floozy,” Rita says, her meatballs pouring over her beneath garment. Then Ivan flaunts up to eat the girls’ dildo-filled pussies previous to stuffing his pecker in their throats. Rita loses about a gallon of bodily fluid salivating all over Ivan’s shlong, and in advance of we know it, both girls are getting fucked, and during the time that they’re at it, they’re kissing and having their love tunnels played with, and in the end, they receive their faces coated in cum. And what do they do next? It is worth the effort to look at for yourself. If you urge to call it effort.

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