The Blonde Fox

The Golden-haired Fox

What they say about Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) could fill a book called “Profiles in Breast valley.” A longtime and very discerning browser, Bill from Chicago, mailed a 3 page letter about Dolly and Claudia Marie.

“2016 began with two beautiful layouts. Covergirl Dolly Fox’s pics were adorable. Plus you featured a great review of Claudia Marie for the first time. The one and the other met or exceeded SCORE‘s high standards of capturing blondes with humongous tits.”

“This has to be one of SCORE‘s almost any inviting covers in years. With Dolly Fox standing up alone, her blonde hair on her shoulders and her monster pillows sticking out for everyone’s fun. Since she’s standing, we receive to see her crotch along with her legs. Toss in her delicious smile and everyone knows what joy awaits ’em.”

“Dolly’s layout features a nice mix of nasty and nastier views that highlight those 43″ cans. Her totally tanned body adds to the fun. Miss Fox has fantastic eye contact that will make jerking off at her all the more joy.”

So we guess Bill was impressed by Dolly, and as mentioned earlier, he’s one of our tougher reviewers.

What is the best compliment Dolly’s ever received face-to-face (or face-to-boobs)?

“The foremost was short: ‘Wow!’ But the expression on his face was worthy,” said Dolly. “I adore attention from both fellows and hotties. It also widens lots of doors to gripping things.”

And now it is time for more of this bodylicious golden-haired!

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