Cream-pied Marangos

Cream-pied Zeppelins

The cream-pie climax was a petite niche in early XXX hardcore. Since the early ’70s, angels getting cum bukkake or cum in their mouths was the ordinary way to end a sex scene since it proved to a skeptical audience that the pop discharged was real. In the big-bust genre, this translated to the girl’s partner popping on her bumpers and her fondelling the semen into her skin or tongueing it off. Internal cum-shots or “cream-pies” (in which the digital camera moves in close to record the semen trickling with out the girl’s cum-hole after the male withdraws) became more prevalent in the 2000s as porn became more specialized and widespread. Is the inward cum shot and the interest in cream-pies truly a fetish? Some would consider shooting cock juice into a girl’s twat the norm, not in porn but in real life, and cumming on a girl’s love muffins, wazoo, feet or face the actual fetish. The bottom line is whatever turns a person on. Destiny Rose and Charlee Seek are pounded and cream-pied in this double-feature.

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