Widen Formation

Spread Formation

U would love to play touch football with Desiree. After all, you have watched each inch of her voluptuously stacked physique at SCORELAND for the past four years. U have seen Desiree tackled and blitzed. You’ve observed her end zone penetrated. These full, robustly large milk cans are a fun to watch in “hang time.” Opposing players have committed a few holding violations against her. Bend, a team fuck and bounce are not just football coaching terms used to describe Desiree’s widen formation. Desiree is in a dream football league of her own.

“Guys desire to look in my eyes, but they get stuck at my chest. They are always looking at my mellons. I watch their faces, but they are not staring at my eyes.” That’s one way to fake them out and score a touchdown, Desiree.

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