Likewise Hot For Her Nightie

Too Hawt For Her Nightie

“I do not wear panties,” says Daylene Rio, back at one of her prefered tour destinations, SCORE. One of SCORELAND‘s highlights last year was Daylene visiting famous Haulover beach in Miami. We gotta see her in a bathing suit before this babe took it off at this stripped beach that draws the naked crowd. Big breasted and bootylicious, this time Daylene is pure eye-sugar in her man-pleasing underware. A sofa and Daylene. No boob-blockers to get inside the way.

Apparently Daylene goes commando. So when she’s out and about back home in L.A., that babe may not be wearing any bottoms. No wonder it is called the City of Gals.

“I feel sexier when I do not wear briefs, less restricted. I don’t love wearing ’em during the day, I don’t like sleeping in them. I do not like everything going up my ass. I like being in nature’s garb. I would rather be undressed than wear underclothes. I mean, there is smth going up my wazoo, and it’s not a lady-killer or a tongue! What worthwhile is that? And I guess it’s hawt for bucks not to wear underclothing.”

Even though she’s been a SCORE Hotty since 2007, Daylene still looks at her pictures and clips with a recent eye.

“It’s adore you cant believe it is you. It’s adore, ‘Wow, is that actually me?’ and it just acquires me more pumped up to wanna do it more, and I acquire a whole rush one time I watch myself, knowing that people are at home watching me and wanking off. It is a different feeling to watch myself in the episode compared to what I remember when I was actually shooting the scene.”

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