Cornfed Redhead

Cornfed Redhead

Destiny Rose is an exotic dancer and glamour model in Ohio. This babe likes playing with toys and she loves heavy studs. Destiny admitted she’s a bulky chaser.

“I guess u could say that I like to tanalize studs,” Destiny told. “I’m a larger than standard flirt.”

“This one time, I was at a gas station and I had just gotten without my car when the gas station attendant came out and pointed to a Slippery When Juicy sign and told me to be careful. Well, I thought this chab was hawt so I said him that I was slippery when wet. That ladies man laughed and told me to be careful anyways ‘cuz I might slip. And I said him that I might just slide on purpose so this chab could catch me.

“Well, I pumped my gas and then I went inside with my number written on a piece of paper and I told him that I would discovered it on the ground out side and that I thought that stud might wanna have it. This chab laughed so hard, but that buck called me!”

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