Hawaiian Knockers

Hawaiian Hooters

SCORE: Do you keep in touch with any big busted glamour models?

Claudia: I’d adore to, but almost any of us live in different states. We keep in touch for a whilst and then we kind of lose touch due to location. We do message every other on Twitter or Facebook every one time in awhile.

SCORE: You are at the supermarket or doing personal errands. How do you costume?

Claudia: I wear constricted jeans, a reservoir top and boots or cut-off jeans, reservoir top and boots.

SCORE: Tell us about your current martial arts training.

Claudia: Well, I started learning Muay Thai in Hawaii a scarcely any years back, but joining the classes with other advanced beginners or intermediate students was a bit scary for me, mostly coz I model. I won’t look precious with a broken nose. So, not long ago, I hired an outstanding personal Muay Bora-which is a sort of Muay Thai-teacher just for me.

We do receive physical, but I know, because he’s an skilled, this gent won’t hurt me. When we do arm locks or head locks, he have to feel my squishy, giant pantoons pressing against his arm or head but he’s such a accomplished, this guy doesn’t even flinch. I adore that he’s love that so there is no sexual tension between us. I’m there to truly learn. This charmer says I learn indeed fast.

SCORE: Do you go to nude beaches or adult resorts?

Claudia: In Hawaii, it’s illegal to be topless. I’d have to go to very remote beaches and still hope there’re no cops around. I did go topless in Miami, and a cop came over to tell me to put my top on just now! I thought it was legal but this chap said solely during the time that you’re laying down, not standing or walking around. True story!

SCORE: Our society abhors titties. Thanks, as always, Claudia KeAloha.

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