Doin’ The Wicked With A Stacked Gogo dancer

Doin' The Nasty With A Stacked Lap Dancer

Claudia KeAloha’s much loved way to take care of a boy she’s in bed with? “Well as u may have observed in my vids I love giving head,” says Claudia. “I like to receive my smooth operator very rigid by giving him head previous to I let him in my muff.”

One of the things a lady-killer can do to please the big breasted lapdancer to no end is to worship the shag with out her big bosoms and that is what this babe wants Rocky to do. One time that dude does, Claudia is all over his pecker, sucking it down deep and squashing it inside her boob valley. This scene is smokin’ hot thank’s to her.

When Claudia screws with a buck, she’s hawt, vehement and outrageous. Filthy words pour of her throat and her lusty groans fill the bedroom. Claudia is one of the uncommon SCORE Angels who says the word snatch. The harder she’s fucked, the hornier she receives. Rocky fills her fur pie deep, stretching her twat fine. She grinds on it like this babe is giving his rod a gogo dance. Rogering doesn’t receive any hotter.

“I adore titty squeezing and sucking foreplay. Kissing and my bazookas being sucked make me cum the hardest. I want my partner to come in my face hole or on my tits.”

When their wild coupling reaches its peak, super-sexy Claudia widens her mouth to drink the nut-milk of his testicles. Some of it lands on her larger than typical zeppelins. That babe licks her fingers to acquire as much as this babe can in her cum-covered throat.

SCORE: Do lads in lap dancing clubs recognize you from SCORE? What is their reaction for the 1st time, if they do.

Claudia: Yep! They can’t make no doubt of is actually me. They check their phones and observe my links.

SCORE: Is your sex drive stronger now than when u were just starting to explore your sexuality?

Claudia: Yeah, love with everything else, experience counts, dear. Now I know what I crave and how I urge it.

SCORE: Has stripping in a exotic dancing club and adult modeling increased your erotic appetite or would it be the same out of that environment?

Claudia: It has increased my knowledge of how to please a petticoat chaser. My sex drive was always high. Now I’m a lot more assured in sofa and willing to try nearly everything. Except anal.

SCORE: U were in a threesome with Rocky and Johnny Champ and now you are in this scene with Rocky. Is it any different when you are with a porn boy you have previously done a scene with?

Claudia: I did savour being with two dudes. I’ll be honest, Johnny is way too bigger than standard for my size twat. But we did a lot of foreplay off-camera to pull that scene off. Rocky is larger than run of the mill but very doable and tasty.

SCORE: When the cameraman was not rolling, what did u and Rocky do until it was time to resume the pleasure?

Claudia: Me and Rocky had talked story, like we say in Hawaii, and gotta know every other quite a bit whilst we were at the dressing room and envisaging. We did play a little to initiate preparing for our scene also.

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