Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Claudia KeAloha is back at the SCORE studio, looking better and bustier than ever. In the dressing room, Claudia tries on a diversity of small bikinis that could begin a stampede at the beach. If anyone has a bikini-ready body, she’s Claudia KeAloha. There’re no still pics of this bathing dress adult modeling, merely movie scene.

Dave asks Claudia what this babe does to stay in such alluring shape. Claudia says it’s a combination of Muy Thai kickboxing training, jogging and swimming. And it definitely flaunts. She’s smoking hot and if you’ve seen her XXX episodes, u know what a sexy pleasing heart she’s.

As Claudia bikinis-up, you’ll hear a girl’s voice in the background making sex sounds and yelling love she is being tag-teamed. That’s coz she is being group-fucked. That is Trinity Michaels shooting a scene for XL Cuties. (Dave and Claudia talk about this at the five-minute mark.)

Since Claudia hadn’t been at SCORE in 2 years, it was time to play catch up. Our Q&A will be continued in Claudia’s photo shoot and matching movie scene.

SCORE: Claudia, what are your much loved bathing suit styles and brands?

Claudia KeAloha: I like either very sporty colorful brands like Nike. Or very feminine. It doesn’t get to be a special brand I know it when I watch it. They need to be either elegant but skimpy or trendy and skimpy. But I think elegant and skimpy is my fav.

SCORE: If we were to watch you shopping and the weather is worthwhile, what would u be wearing?

Claudia KeAloha: Taut jeans and a taut tank-top. With some cute boots. I like boots. I also wear cut-off jeans.

SCORE: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your billibongs, or not?

Claudia KeAloha: Yeah! Well, I used to be a little chunky in my younger days. So since I lost the baby bulky and I’ve large mellons, why not unveil what you worked so hard for? I did. I have been very rigorous with my exercising and eating habits throughout the years and it had paid off.

SCORE: It sure did. Thank u, Claudia.

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