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New Discovery

Chloe Rose was our mystery model on the SCORELAND Blog a small in number weeks ago. And now wonderful things come to those who wait. After all, Chloe’s first appearance was 24 years in the making.

Until now, Chloe’s prefered job was working in a sports bar. Adult modeling was smth that babe wanted to do and thought about, but she did not know how to make it happen. She says baring her bod for photos and episodes was on her bucket list, which sounds laughable coming from a 24-year-old. What happened next is a classic.

Thank u to the suggestion of her best friend’s father (who read our magazines in the 1990s), a man who’s definitely one of us, Chloe applied to and was accepted just now.

A first-year student, Chloe likes stripping, sports and working out. That babe likes clip and dinner dates, walking and intend to comic book conventions. Chloe’s erotic fantasy is to have sex on the 50-yard line of a football field. That could pull in big ratings as a halftime show, but we don’t foresee it happening. Wanna learn more about her? Inspect her initial appearance clip.

Please welcome Chloe Rose, the latest addition to SCORELAND‘s top-heavy team of titillating teasers.

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