Chloe And Fascinating heart Moon

Chloe And Playgirl Moon

Back in 1995, Chloe was discovering herself. Through her university classes, Chloe was studying Eastern philosophy, holistic medicine and fresh age philosophies. Babe Moons was living ’em. A San Francisco angel, Babe Moons was boob-deep into the retro-60’s movement. Hummus was her food of partiality, that babe was into wicka and all of that white witch ram, dressed like a flower child, talked like one and lived her life like one. Entire strangers in advance of this glamour photoshoot, Babe and Chloe were talking up a storm right previous to they went at it. Chloe was absolutely engrossed in Playgirl Moons’ lifestyle, wanting to hear everything about her. This enthusiasm carried over into their glamour photoshoot. Hottie is still active in adult entertainment in various ways although we’ve not heard from her in years. From what we have been told, she is gained lots of weight, so we can imagine that her scoops must be heavy.

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