Catsuit Beauty

Catsuit Girl

Tigerr Benson, an Uber-babe herself, says of Katie Thornton, “Katie has the same size as me. She is a super goddess!”

Katie slides into a skin-tight metallic catsuit that’s lined with holes and one of the most unusual outfits a SCORE Girl’s ever worn. A goddess has to have a particular body to wear this and Katie’s got one. Katie gets the kewl goddess reward for the catsuit and the phat, reflective shades. She brought a pump along with her to pump her bouncy bosoms and harden her teats and pump her wet crack, likewise. Her topmost goal is to pump you up.

Most bucks who inspect Katie wouldn’t at all guess that she’s very unrepining, goes to fetish hangouts and likes getting tied-up and ball-gagged. Katie just doesn’t look and sound the kinky freaky-deaky type. It proves the old saying, “You can not judge a mag by its cover.” “The thing is to not be constrained. Everyone has some kind of fetish,” Katie said.

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