Cat’s Water Wings

Cat's Water Wings

Our cutie Cat Bangles is one hot kitty and it is a fun to view her in everything that babe does. She always looks forward to her trips to Miami where it is usually swim dress weather. Cat’s brought numerous swimsuits with her cuz shooting for XL Beauties is adore a vacation where this babe receives all the hawt sex and sexy sun she wants.

Cat oils up at poolside, coating her juicy, lickable body until it shines, then takes her floatie out for a spin in the pool. She keeps her balance in the water whilst playing with her biggest bouncy bosoms and flogging her bad snatch.

“After becoming a glamour model, I have become more self-confident,” Cat explained. “I was always very erotic, actually erotic and open-minded in sex. I always have a great time here, having fun being naked and playing with hawt studs. I kinda view it as my home away from home. I observe all of my SCORELAND and XL Girls scenes and I really like to hear myself moan. I suppose about what I have done when I’m home in Boston and I always look forward to going back to Miami.”

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