Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Bangles can’t live out of to cook.

“I’m Puerto Rican, so I can cook Spanish food. I lived in the South for 2 years, so I can cook Southern food. You know, gravy, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and all that. I love to do a little bit of anything.”

Cat was turned loose in the kitchen. And this babe really cooked. But not Puerto Rican dishes. Cat cooked herself. And then that babe used the faucet to phat off her shapely and hawt Latin babe body.

What does Cat think about her pix and movies at SCORELAND? It’s been close to a year since this babe initially debuted.

“I adore them,” says Cat. “I am amazed at how hawt the fotos are. I even masturbate often to my own magazines!”

That’s a helluva endorsement. But the content is merely as admirable as the goddess. And Cat has the magic.

“I can’t avoid looking at them. So hot! The lad I watched ’em with was so lewd. I could see his excitement on his face and in his trousers. We got so horny.”

Almost certainly Cat cooked his goose.

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