Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Find out Cassie, a recent Voluptuous Goddess. Cassie’s first magazine will be March ’15 V-mag. She’s amorous about her SCORELAND initial debut and says she looks forward to reading the comments about her.

“I am new to this world,” says Cassie, an Aqua-gym tutor. “I didn’t know how many Czech gals have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the site. There’re so many angels, I was surprised.”

“I usually wear ‘sporty’ hawt garments. I do not wear things that draw attention to my mellons. I’m not shy but I am reserved in how I suit in public. People can watch how bigger in size than run of the mill my knockers are in any case. I wear bras and I can buy ’em out of getting fitted.”

Cassie has tats on the tops of her feet and one greater than typical tat on her back underneath her right shoulder. Other than those three, no other tats. This babe sports body jewelry pierced right above her bald vagina.

“I have decided to try a boy-girl,” says Cassie. “I decided not to expect. I saw no reason for delaying after seeing what other girls do and it is smth I have fantasized about trying for some time. I don’t care for anal or kinky sex or being out in a public place but I enjoy worthwhile sex with a hawt guy.”

Works for us! Thank u, Cassie.

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