Can Two 60comethings Shag And Talk At The Same Time?

Can 2 60comethings Screw And Talk At The Same Time?

Here’s Rita Daniels and Lexi McCain in their pre-fuck interview. Rita introduced us to Lexi last January, and this babe and her swinging friend are the one and the other wearing dresses that display off their bigger than average milk sacks. Rita’s are bigger in size from the final time we saw her. She’s gone from a DD-cup to an F-cup.

“Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a undergarment that fits me anymore,” Rita said. Lexi isn’t wearing a bra, but that babe says if she did, it would be “Somewhere between a C and a D.”

As interviews go, this one is less talk, more act. After Rita discloses that “I like a worthwhile slit each now and then,” they bring out a humongous, double-donged fake penis, spread their legs and share it… after Lexi gets Rita’s slit juicy. With her mouth, of course. Rita returns the favour. And then, with the fake penis inserted in both ladies’ snatches, the interview proceeds.

We don’t know about u, but we think there’s smth very sexy about two 60somethings carrying on a conversation while their twats are filled with fake dong. And the real thing? That comes next.

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