Business to Birthday Suit

Business to Birthday Dress

Times are rock hard, ladies man! Everybody is getting laid off and so, business sweethearts adore Amber here are looking to acquire laid and acquire paid. It’s a classic scenario of a vixen using what she’s got to receive what that babe needs. She’s efficient, going from her day job gear right into her night-time streetwalker duds on the side of the road. And she doesn’t waste any time, either. She finds a John A.S.A.P and acquires to work mouthing and screwing. You’d imagine that she’d be exhausted from working all day, but she even takes this buck home with her to finish the job! That is what we call ho overtime! Now this babe might not be making millions, but she’s stimulating this dude’s package and she’s cuntributing to the economy, right?

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