Killin’ That Reservoir Top

Killin' That Reservoir Top

How does Bunny Brooks love her milk sacks played with in ottoman?

“Gentle at first, but sometimes I love a little biting or pulling with your teeth. Just raunchy tongueing, engulfing, plenty of tongue play. Massaging during the time that you are touching with tongue on my areolas. Worthy ram. Then move your way down my belly, maybe with one hand on my scoops whilst u sensually take up with the tongue my slit. And then just getting right to it. Rogering me naive.”

And gazoo play?

“If you are already down there eating me out, I do not mind having a tongue pass over my anus. If you are intend to dive face-first into my gazoo, that’s not really my thing, sorry. But if you are already down there, that feels valuable.”

And the breast-man’s hobby: tit-fucking?

“I’m glamorous good at tit-fucking. It’s marvelous outstanding. Just baby oil the babies up and acquire right to it. Maybe give a little orall-service during the time that I’m at it. You know, engulf your strapon whilst you’re tit-fucking me, catch the head on the upswing.”

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