Ultra Hotty 2

Ultra Gal 2

Skinny and stacked and hot, Brook Ultra is all that. The episode version of this photo-shoot also features highly concupiscent and lengthy cookie and anal toy masturbation. Brook’s outfit and her pasty/tassel nipp covers is an eye-opener likewise.

“You are more than a 10, you are a 20,” was a flirt-line a man said to Brook once. That babe thought about stripping but did not like the atmosphere of the clubs and decided to try photo and web-cam bare modeling instead.

The brunette hair bathing dress looker enjoys perverted sex mixed with B&D–one of Brook’s favorite dreams is “to have sex in the rain on top of a car,” which sounds love a scene from a Zalman King movie on late night cable TV.

In addition to this pictorial and movie scene today, there’s a second clip and set of Brook doing all kinds of things around Miami Beach. Priceless times!

Tune in June 20th when Brook’s first hardcore scene debuts.

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