Bikini Paradise

Bikini Paradise

Danni Lynne has the kind of all-natural rack that makes a swimsuit expose a miracle of bathing dress engineering. Enjoying the day underneath Florida skies at swimming pool side, Danni douses her statuesque and shapely physique with bubbly, goes for a skinny dip (although with Danni, it’s more of a voluptuous dip than a slim dip) and dries off so she can go inside the house. Getting into ottoman, Danni plays with her sensitive areolas and rubs her clitty. Cum-town, here cums Danni.

“I get sexually excited seeing other people have sex and I loved seeing my movie scenes, the one and the other alone and with the boys,” told Danni. “They made me hawt. One thing I haven’t done yet is invite a boy over and have sex during the time that we look at some of them.”

As Danni has told, “Yes, I do masturbate! Sometimes I receive so turned on and no one is there to assist me, so the hell I do! I know men are always surprised when they hear girls say that, but it is not like angels can snap their fingers and the right guy shows up. Sometimes I just need it now!”

With a body love hers, Danni need to have no shortage of volunteers.

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