Bigger than standard Melons & Diminutive Bubbles

Big Pointer sisters & Diminutive Bubbles

Kaho Shibuya might be wearing her sexiest bikini. U be the judge. Kaho has a good sense of humor. When she walks to the baths for a swimsuit bubble baths, she pretends her large fun bags get her stuck in the doorway.

SCORELAND: So Kaho, do u have any a matter of joke habits?

Kaho: I have a truly bad habit of biting my nails when I am mentally focused with out being physically mobile, like writing and studying.

SCORELAND: Where do u buy your bras?

Kaho: Solely at two lingerie shops in Tokyo, a cute and cheaper place and a gorgeous and expensive place. I can not find my size anywhere else.

SCORELAND: How do you test a below garment in advance of u buy?

Kaho: I always try them on and ask for a shop clerk’s opinion as well.

SCORELAND: What is something about you that surprises people the almost any when u tell ’em?

Kaho: That I used to work as a newspaper reporter.

SCORELAND: Do you love playing sports?

Kaho: Yes, I played table tennis in college. I’ve likewise tutored in Mixed Martial Arts: grappling, jiu-jitsu and kick-boxing.

SCORELAND: What superpower would you adore to have for one day?

Kaho: I wanna be invisible and have invisible sex.

SCORELAND: Then we could not see you. If you can select any word or sentence printed on a shirt, what would it be?

Kaho: Probably not a sentence, Cuz it’s difficult to read words on a shirt when that is worn by a big-breasted female! Maybe Oppai. That means wobblers in Japanese.

SCORELAND: Always a enjoyment, Kaho Shibuya.

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