Big-Boobed Detonation

Big-Boobed Detonation

Charlie Cooper does store ram in her unfathomable cleavage. “All the time. I put my keys and I.D. in there. My phone,” Charlie told.

The brunette beauty pops ’em out in all their brilliance, free from their bra captivity.

“I go braless at home. Only at home. But I do not even receive the mail out of a beneath garment. I’ll too wear a tank top with the undergarment built in. I do not go anywhere with out a bra. It’s just likewise much of a racket. Things are going all over the place, and it gets a little barmy. I wear 2 a day.

“I can’t really find anything cute in the big sizes. It’s all mature granny business. So I get my mature granny bra and a sports undergarment on top of that one and I’m precious to go. I used to be an M-cup, but I lost some weight. I am somewhere betwixt a G and a J. I used to be a J.”

Completely nude, Charlie oils Them up, caressing in the rich slickness until her large, fat bosoms shine. There’s more ram that Charlie wants to do. Things to her mounds and to her cunt.

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