Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

It’s a sunny day and Barbara Cutie is willing to make her day even hotter with a pool side sizzler with Thomas, her new FWB (Ally With Benefits). Thomas is ready to make a big splash. A large splash on Barbara and her bigger than standard, large mangos and Voluptuous body.

We talked to Barbara about her sun-drenched sex session after that babe came up for air.

SCORELAND: You and Thomas had sex by a swimming pool. How was that day for you?
Barbara Angel: Thomas made my body so hawt with anything that man did to me. I was so glad I was experienced to nifty off and swim in the pool afterwards!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex by a pool previous to? What was this experience love for you?
Barbara Angel: Yeah, I have had sex in a pool and in a sexy tub before. I adore it. Even the thought of it excites me again.

SCORELAND: Do you relish sex more worthy indoors or outside? Why so?
Barbara Angel: I relish sex anywhere, coz I adore it so much.

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different for u than sex in private?
Barbara Angel: It makes no difference to me, given that I always really enjoy sex to the fullest. What is different is that in the fotos, I look more at the digi camera. In the episode, I look more at Thomas except in positions when I’m facing the digi camera.

SCORELAND: Would u say you’re “different” having sex on-camera?
Barbara Angel: I’m not ‘coz I’m always lewd when I’ve sex. When u see me in a photo or a video, you are seeing the real me.

SCORELAND: What was your prefered pont of time in this video with Thomas?
Barbara Angel: The majority fashionable pont of time for me was simply relishing his handsome, rock hard rod all day.

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