Just do it, Azure!

Just do it, Azure!

The 1st time’s a great time for Azure Dee, a 56-year-old divorcee who’s fucking in front of the digital camera for the 1st time. Azure is five-feet tall, weighs about only 120 pounds and is a Mommy and grandmother. This babe was born in Seattle, Washington and lives in Idaho. She is been an escort, so u know this babe loves to fuck. She is too been a competitive bodybuilder for not quite Thirty years.

“I love being in front of people with next to nothing on,” she said. “I always had that adventurous sense of wanting to get caught and doing things in public places.”

Such as?

“On a date, at a high-end restaurant that had long, linen tablecloths, I told to my date, ‘Ooops, I dropped my fork, sweetie,’ and climbed underneath the table and started to relish with him. Then we took it back to the men’s washroom. Then one time, I ended up in the back of a bar with a boy and went out and had fun in the alley. I love doing little pleasure things adore that.”

Azure says she’s here ‘cuz “I want to have sex in front of people.”

“I’m all about sensuality and I love to touch and I love to explore,” this babe said. “It’s unbending for me to talk about it. I’d rather just do it.”

Okay, Azure. Do it!

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