Gazoo of the Century

Ass of the Century

Some have told that Daphne Rosen is as famous for her booty as that babe is for her knockers. We believe that’s a fact. Daphne’s butt is a bubble-butt, greatly prized by those who have gazed upon it and glazed upon it.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, the world’s most-famous female Jewish porn star, moved to the United States when she was three and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. That babe got her undergraduate degree from Amherst College, then moved to Los Angeles.

In this photo-shoot, the camera spends more time on these round ass-cheeks than usual. Daphne’s briefs are nowhere to be seen. “Panties repress sexuality,” told Daphne, a sexologist. “The cotton was literally invented to go up there and repress women’s sexuality. Women receive juicy in there, and the cotton soaks it all up and represses their sexuality. There is no point in doing that.” Is it any wonder why so many fantasize about squirting into Daphne’s anus?

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