Gazoo In The Grass

Ass In The Grass

When you gotta make money, you got to make money. That means u got to employ all the skills that u can to make sure that you can acquire some bread and earn some sort of paycheck. Poor Jana can not type, so an office job is with out the question for her. That babe cant serve, so working as a waitress is not plan to happen. But surely there acquire to be smth that a woman with those two greater than average assets on her chest can do, right? And that’s when Jana has a Eureka! pont of time. This babe can use her snatch and billibongs to plough dick through the countryside. But wait…she doesn’t have an apartment or enough specie to rent a hotel room. No worries, as she’s resourceful. If she is gonna undress down to her natural state and fuck, she might as well do it out side in nature, right? Furthermore, her Johns are so sexually excited over the sight of her stupendous bumpers that they don’t mind getting a little wazoo in the grass.

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