Annabel Redd: Gymnastic Sex Doll

Annabel Redd: Gymnastic Sex Doll

Hawt. Nice-looking. Young. Red-hair. Green eyes. Braces. A trimmed bush. Merry 30E naturals that babe can self-suck. Annabel Redd is a lust-inspiring little goddess. She too did a solo scene for JMac puts flexible and limber Annabel in sufficient positions for an illustrated sex manual. They do the standards plus the Seashell and one called the Full Nelson for beauties who can truly stretch their legs and hips wide.

SCORELAND: What sort of foreplay do you love?

Annabel Redd: I like making out, getting fingered and I love giving blow jobs. I adore giving hand jobs and getting the chap close to climax and then quitting before that lady-killer cums.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Annabel Redd: Not as much as I would love to be having sometimes but sometimes it’s every day.

SCORELAND: Any sexual dreams?

Annabel Redd: I have several, like the teacher/school goddess one. I like fantasizing about being tied up, I like fantasizing about being in an all-female threesome which I have at not time done in advance of.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate?

Annabel Redd: Sometimes. I use my fingers a lot, sometimes a sextoy or a fake penis. I do a lot of self-tying, thraldom ram sometimes. I adore fantasizing about schoolgirl and teacher scenarios and if I’m intend to view porn to masturbate that is typically what I am watching.

SCORELAND: Are you into any other fetishes besides servitude?

Annabel Redd: Really I have lots of fetishes. I like suspension. I’m very into the Daddy Corporalist category. I love being spanked. I love being choked.

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