Butthole Chicks Of SCORELAND

Backdoor Honey bunnys Of SCORELAND

Anal dance. Ass boinking. Greek-style. Bum bonking. A sex survey published in the Journal of Carnal Medicine reported that according to researchers’ fresh results, 40% of angels maturer 18-24 had tried anal sex. Compare that to the results in 1992 when 16% of the same age group had experimented with anal. That is a astronomical difference in merely Twenty three years. And according to their current “orgasm data,” 94% of those beauties who have anal invasion reached the Orgasm.

Some of the leading major leaguers in anal opening boffing are showcased in Dark hole Women Of SCORELAND. The rump raiderettes in this ode to exploring the tush tunnel are Brook Ultra, Holly Brooks, Gal Wicky and Stephanie Stalls. They’re ass-tounding, monster titted cuties who will go where many elect to not go.

As SCORE Hall-of-Famer and anal paramour Daphne Rosen one time put it, “Good anal invasion depends on if the chap knows what he’s doing. Some boys engulf at anal. They can not figure out how to do it, and it’s not pleasurable. When a Lothario can handle himself, it is all priceless.”

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