Swimsuit Sex

Bikini Sex

We need to issue a warning about Amy Anderssen’s scene in “Bikini Sex.” There’s the danger of having a meltdown during the opener when Amy stretches out her SCORELAND reservoir top and gyrates. The digital camera shifts betwixt Miss Anderssen’s humongous tits and her barmy bubble-butt.
Amy talks about the reactions that babe receives when that babe goes to the beach, what kind of bikinis this babe wears, sex outdoors, the time this babe sauntered past a table of boys who all stood up and applauded her and much more.

Amy tries on a bathing suit that has less material than a handkerchief and goes outdoors to the garden and pool area. 5’6″ in bare feet, Amy’s a towering sight of topheavy titillation in her high heels. This babe swaps her swimsuit out for a blue monokini and then models the topmost in string bikinis. The web acronym OMG was invented for Amy. This is why those lads applauded her just for walking near their table. She touches the wind chimes overhead and their sounds are like a signal for Amy’s X-Man to come over and receive her.

Rocky is crazy to roam Amy’s extraordinarily tiny and stacked body, feeling up her marangos and a-hole, her petite waist and smooth legs. Who wouldn’t? He’s not quite foaming at the throat sucking on Amy’s big boobies. It’s sex in the sun time with this super-busty darksome brown gal.

Amy wishes to try on one more bikini. Rocky moves love The Flash, taking off one suit and quickly putting some other bizarre dress on her. In advance of this fellow totally loses his shit, this chab lowers Amy to her knees and sticks his penis in her face. This babe spreads her mouth wide for the skinflute and plays it eagerly with slurping, gurgling sounds in advance of they initiate their pool side pounding. Treating boyz to succulent and messy blow jobs is merely one reason for her greatness. Banging fellows the Amy Anderssen way until they explode in her face is some other reason.

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