All Titz, Glitz & Hips

All Titz, Glitz & Hips

It is always major wood time when Holly Wood (August 2016 SCORE, Large bootied White Women 6 on DVD) is in the abode. Her red lace-up leotard was designed for maximum bouncy bosoms and booty cleavage and exposure. We’re tellin’ ya, almost all honeys can’t fill it the way Holly fills it.

SCORELAND: What brands of bras do you buy now? What size fits best?

Holly: I love Victoria’s Secret. 36DDD!

SCORELAND: Have u always shaven your cookie?

Holly: As long as I can remember. I like it clean and smooth and really I’m a bit of a animal. I wax and I do it myself.

SCORELAND: Holly, u can have your partiality of super powers. What’ll it be?

Holly: I desire to fly.

SCORELAND: We’ll call u H-Bomb Beauty. If you can elect any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, u would have…

Holly: Sexy Gazoo Hollywood. All Glitz & Glam.

SCORELAND: And titz. What kind of swimsuits do u wear?

Holly: The smallest ones possible!

SCORELAND: A wise decision.

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