A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

Brook Ultra likes being rogered doggy position finest, especially when she is being controlled, restrained and bossed around.

“That’s why I love hog-ties most wondrous, because your arms are in back of you and your legs are up to your wrist and they fuck the shit without you and u can’t do anything about it.” So when Brook says she’s tied-up, this babe actually means tied-up.

However, Brook can’t live with out nice-nice when it comes to her melons. So tit-slapping is not her thing. That is something that mainly porn lads do to cuties. Maybe a shag buddy lightly tapping her milk cans with his jock is okay. “A boy can bite my teats a little but not too inflexible. Be gentle.”

Love all hot sweethearts, Brook can’t live with out to shop for fashionable garments that give chaps the high, hard one. “I have a lingerie obsession. I go to underware stores three times a week. I like anything actually diminutive and constricted. I love shorts that expose my camel-toe. I likewise love to be bare a lot.”

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